Business Coaching

by Saul's Place

Your Business. Your Rules.

There comes a day you don't want to work for a boss anymore. But what should you do next? You could start a business. But what kind of business? You have to find or invent some great ideas. You have to find the right inspiration. And if you want to grow big and your ambitions are high, you need a lot of money as well. Where do you get more money? How can you earn it. Can you start with zero costs? And what is the next step?

Saul van der Bijl by Saul's Place is a great choice for building a business in a snap

The Saul's Place Advantage

Because of our advantages in fringe science and parapsychology we can help you more efficient than others. Besides the regular businesscoaching, we share some relevant knowledge which will let you grow a lot faster. You can even ask us to think with you and look into your future. Thanks to our knowledge we can predict the future depending on the choices you make. We're using a combination of psychic abilities and fringe science techniques to arrange that for you.

Build your dream business

The posibilities are endless. If you want to create a small business, it's possible. If you want to create a huge business, we'll make it possible as well. The sky is the limit. You can choose to start a business from scratch, or start with an existing businessplan to gain more knowledge and raise some passive income. In a later stadium you can use this money to make your dreams come true.

Do you want to start a business? Do you have any questions about your existing business? Or are you only having questions about your personal life, love life, relationship or something else? You can call us about anything!

Call 0909-0533 for all your life and business questions!

If you're living outside The Netherlands we have special memberships. Please contact us for more information.